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by Perceptiv Digital

Simplify customer login and sign up whilst helping boost your conversion rates and customer experience. Provide an easy way for customers to login using their preferred social media application.

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The data is in, customers prefer it

“Consumers prefer social logins to traditional UP authentication because they typically allow them to create and log in to accounts with just one click. As a result, social logins generally boost conversion rates by up to 20% — though some companies report seeing as high as 40%. Social logins also provide access to rich user data, allowing you to use more customised, targeted marketing with individual consumers.” Source

92% of users will leave a site instead of resetting or recovering login info. Source

Quicker checkout + reduced cart abandonment

Help your customers bypass annoying login issues and login with one click using their social network….the one they are already logged into anyway.

“Kevin Ho, VP of Marketing for marketing agency WishPond, found that after featuring a social login option more prominently than traditional authentication, the company saw an 8.5% increase in their conversions.” Source

Choice is King

Give your visitors and customers the choice of using the social network they are already logged into and reduce shopping friction. Choose between Google, Facebook and Instagram or all of the above for ultimate choice giving power.

Data is King

How many customers are choosing to login using a social network vs the usual login? Which network are they using? How much revenue is generated by customers opting for a social login vs those who aren’t? All those are excellent questions and we have the answers. Usage and analytics can be accessed anytime via the Outsmart app (login via the Control Panel).

Setup Instructions

To set up the Social Login app for your Neto store:

  1. Install the app from the add-on store to get started.
  2. Once redirected to the Outsmart website, follow the prompts to set up the app.


$200 per year

Pricing is inclusive of GST. See website for details.



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