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Jabio adds customer trust to your store with review collection tools, trust seals, and review widgets. Get more traffic and customers, and increase your store’s conversion rates.

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Customer reviews to increase trust, get more traffic, and boost your store’s conversion rates.

Founded in 2007, Silicon Valley-based Sitejabber is a top-ranking business reviews site. The brand is powered by Jabio, a proprietary AI-enabled technology and award-winning reputation management platform that uses real reviews to inspire discovery and create connections between businesses and millions of buyers. Over 40,000 registered organizations use Jabio to manage and promote customer reviews of their company and products – thereby showcasing their value, obtaining actionable feedback, and driving measurable customer growth. Jabio is also the only review platform to be both funded by the US government’s National Science Foundation and an official Google review partner.

Proactively collect reviews from your customers with Jabio’s industry-leading collection methods. Increase your visibility on paid and organic Google search results, and increase your on-site conversions.

Product, Business Ratings, and Reviews Easily collect product and business review content using Jabio’s brand-boosting technology. Leverage this user-generated content (UGC) by displaying it throughout the buyer journey, on-site and across all marketing channels, to increase business.

Google Seller Ratings Jabio is an official Google Review Partner. This means you earn stars to display in your Google ads. Stand out in search results, increase CTR, and optimize your total ad spend.

On-site Display Use Jabio’s extensive collection of review widgets to showcase your top ratings and reviews. Build trust in your brand, company, and products using our trust seals, badges, review carousels, and more.

Moderation Connect with your customers by responding to their reviews. You can do so either publicly or privately to create a more personalized experience. This improves your customer retention and loyalty – building a brand that buyers trust and keep coming back to.

Jabio also employs advanced fraud detection technology to protect your brand against phony reviews and slander. Their Moderation Team monitors content for the highest level of quality.

Community Q&A Connect with your customers by answering specific questions they have about your business or products. Answering your shoppers' questions in real-time helps grow trust and credibility – and drives purchases. You can also find out the most common questions/comments to create an FAQ page.

Social Marketing Amplify your social media presence and power up your marketing campaigns – with no work on your end. Take advantage of our one-click technology to share your best reviews on Twitter and Facebook. Create social posts, ads, and banners directly from your Jabio dashboard.

Insights Jabio offers insights and performance metrics to help you understand what your business is excelling at, and what you can improve on. Optimize your business operations and customer buying journey with their intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard.

SEO Use your Sitejabber profile page as your online business card. Ensure all your information is up-to-date. As your business listing, it boosts SEO, drives lead generation, and increases brand awareness. After all, millions of customers research and discover businesses on Sitejabber.

What their customers say:

“We couldn’t be more pleased with the results and the high value of using Jabio. We quickly started using Jabio on our second website, HisRoom.com , as well. We consistently strive to offer our customers the best possible buying experience and access to the best selection of lingerie on the market. We wanted this to show through in our customer reviews.” - Randy Cohen, CMO of HerRoom

“Jabio is more useful than other review platforms we’ve used; we even experienced a positive impact on our Google Shopping ads and quickly earned Google Seller Ratings stars in our Google ads. Jabio has without a doubt increased our sales, decreased our cart abandonment and had a hugely positive impact on our store. The results definitely surpassed more than we could have ever imagined.” - Aaron Layne, CMO of Inspire Uplift

Setup Instructions

  1. In your Neto control panel, click on the Addons menu.
  2. In the Marketing section, find the Sitejabber add-on and click the Install button.
  3. Confirm the installation and you’ll be directed to the Sitejabber website to finish the installation.
    • Specify whether you would like to collect reviews from future customers (recommended). Your customers will be automatically emailed a feedback survey.

Sitejabber setup 1

  • Specify whether you would like to collect reviews from previous customers. This is an easy way to get a head start on your review collection.
Sitejabber setup 2

You will be able to change your review collection settings at any time inside the Sitejabber dashboard: HIXghKS8sDJ-RYclU9vOe0Pzh-VUhd9dU4mJDYcrDNqoIqhD_UjFF3HvjtiW5TzBCt1eovZV9ZEvsHV1oEV-jbZHKq4yy2i8wGN4eUfHeTbnizEvvB7dNiIznKW1D6aRPWFsLVzT

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