Pick'n Pack

by Neto

Fulfil orders in your warehouse with the Pick'n Pack mobile app and a barcode scanner. Improves fulfilment accuracy and speed, and reduces printing.

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About Add-on

Neto Pick’nPack provides the mobile order processing functionality and full-cycle visibility you need to deliver the perfect order and service excellence your customers deserve, while keeping warehouse and shipping costs under control.

Warehouse operators can fulfil orders against real-time inventory information and from multiple warehouse locations (where applicable). Orders are processed quickly, filled correctly, verified for accuracy, and shipped on time.

  • Scan pick orders
  • Pick by location
  • Print wirelessly
  • Improve accuracy
  • Save on print costs

Setup Instructions

  1. In the control panel, click on Add-ons in the lefthand side menu and select Neto Modules under "Categories".
  2. Move your cursor over Pick'n Pack and click on Install.


Installing this app will incur an additional charge of $69 per month (ex GST) to your monthly subscription.



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