Automate your Kogan marketplace listing, inventory, and orders with Maropost Commerce Cloud, a Kogan.com recommended solution for growing retailers and wholesalers.

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About Add-on

The Kogan AU addon allows you to sell products on Kogan.com's Australian marketplace while still taking advantage of Maropost Commerce Cloud's powerful back end system for order management.

Orders placed on Kogan.com are downloaded into Maropost Commerce Cloud for processing. Once they are dispatched, Maropost Commerce Cloud sends the status back to Kogan.com so that customers are notified of fulfilment, and can track the delivery.

In addition, stock levels maintained in Maropost Commerce Cloud are automatically synced to Kogan.com.

Automate your Kogan.com marketplace listing, inventory, and orders with Maropost Commerce Cloud — an Kogan.com-certified solution.

Setup Instructions

To set up Kogan.com for your Maropost Commerce Cloud store:

  1. Install the app using the link on this page
  2. Upon install you'll be redirect you to Kogan.com to configure your setup.


Kogan.com is an official Maropost Commerce Cloud sales channel and may be available for free as part of your plan inclusions. If your plan does not include additional channels, you can add the Kogan.com channel for A$69/m or upgrade your plan to include more channels


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