Instagram Gallery

by Perceptiv Digital

Add your Instagram Feed on the home page, product pages and even on blog posts in minutes with an easy setup.

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About Add-on

Created by Neto Partners Perceptiv Digital, this app makes it easy to add your Instagram Gallery on the home page, product pages and even on blog posts in minutes.

Built from the ground up, the new app utilises Instagram's new API, complying with the new security authentication processes.

The app allows you to customise your gallery in the following ways:

  • Grid or Carousel layout
  • Number of columns / rows
  • Image gap
  • Feed heading (optional)
  • Colour

Setup Instructions

To set up the Instagram Gallery add-on for your Neto website:

  1. In your Neto control panel click on the Addons menu.
  2. In the Marketing section, find the Instagram Gallery add-on and click the Install button.
  3. Confirm installation and you'll be directed to the Perceptiv Digital website.
  4. Enter your Neto website address.
  5. Log in using your Neto store address, username, and password.
  6. Add your Instagram account, and customise your gallery. For more information on the specific steps, refer to the Perceptiv Digital knowledge base.
  7. When complete click Get Code and copy the code that appears. You'll need to insert this code into your website template files.


Available now for only $8 per month (ex GST).



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