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Eliminate fraudulent chargebacks forever! Disputify allows you to track, predict and prevent the occurrence of cyber theft in your e-commerce store. Using our Neto and Stripe integration, we sit invisibly in your store checkout and start tracking your transactions in real-time.

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We work to solve the multi-billion dollar problem of Friendly Fraud. Merchants are being conned into issuing incorrect refunds and accepting illegitimate chargebacks performed by dishonest customers who just want products for free.

Disputify sits at the post-purchase stage of a transaction, flagging potentially risky orders based on data from our network - this is called our Network Score.

From here you have the ability to manually accept or reject orders based on our risk assessment, and your own review.



  • Highlight fraudulent refunds
  • Rules Engine and custom actions, filter risky orders and customers
  • Identify and track bad actors
  • Save money by reducing fraudulent refunds
  • Prevent false claims of package “did not arrive” or “partially empty box”
  • Join a community of merchants who believe in collaboration over competition to reduce fraud

Refund Fraud Protection

Identify and track known refund fraudsters within our network to protect your store from being hit.

With the Rules Engine you can create custom filters based on order attributes you deem to be suspicious and want to review or block. As an example you could configure the Rules Engine to flag orders from a specific country that have a particular dollar value, or if there is a particular item you know is commonly purchased by fraudsters and you want to be notified if an order of this type goes through. The Rules Engine allows you to review any orders before fulfilling. When an order is placed that matches your filters and rules, The Rules Engine allows you to review any orders before fulfilling. When an order is placed that matches your criteria, the Rules Engine can either flag it, add notes, or cancel it

Have you ever received a refund request from a customer claiming that their package “did not arrive” or that there was a “partially empty box”, but you know that you went to every effort to ensure that the order was processed correctly?

Disputify allows you to distinguish between legitimate refunds and risky refunds to allow you to transact with confidence.

'Instaflag' Bad Customers

Instaflag suspicious customers or even customers who are known to be difficult, so that they are instantly flagged, and you are notified whenever they attempt to make a purchase.

Community of merchants working together

We believe in collaboration over competition. By installing Disputify, not only are you protecting your own store, you are joining a community of merchants who are working together to keep everyone safe from online refund fraudsters.

Our Network Score preemptively identifies bad actors who have targeted other merchants within the community so you can know about them before they steal from you.

Setup Instructions

  1. On this page, click Install in Control panel to be directed to your Neto control panel.
  2. Click the Install button to start the process
  3. Navigate to the Disputify landing pages by clicking Configure Disputify.
  4. Select "Neto" from the Storefront Options and enter your Neto store domain in the provided field.
  5. Enter your Neto credentials into the fields provided:
    1. Enter your Neto store domain
    2. Enter your Neto username
    3. Enter your Neto password

Once completed your store will be connected to Disputify.

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