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Streamline order fulfilment and dispatch with Neto Ship™

Cut the need to use third-party freight software. Automate your shipping quoting, labelling, and manifesting with our multi-carrier shipping system.

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Streamline Your Order Fulfillment

Say goodbye to clunky third-party freight software that doesn’t integrate with your ecommerce platform like it should. Neto comes standard with shipping quoting, an auto packaging and labeling algorithm, and Click and Collect, or you can fulfill more orders, faster with the Neto Ship™ add-on.

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    Streamline Quoting

    Access real-time shipping quotes and always get the best rates.

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    Streamline Labeling

    Save time by generating shipping labels and manifests directly from orders.

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    Streamline Printing

    Batch print shipping labels, consignments and invoices direct from your device.

Multi-Carrier Support

Our multi-carrier shipping system natively integrates with your favorite carriers.

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Neto Ship is a huge time saver. It automates shipping quoting, labelling, and manifesting directly with carriers, which is critical for us as people tend to buy in bulk and things can easily get confusing.
Photo of Amanda Beswick, Owner & Founder
Amanda Beswick, Owner & Founder Wholesale Wedding Superstore
We couldn’t grow because we were stuck spending hours every day badly maintaining a manual inventory system and fussing with order labels because we didn’t have integrated shipping,
Photo of Darin Gersbach, Owner & Founder
Darin Gersbach, Owner & Founder Kick Push

Neto Ship™ add-on

Carrier integrations are only available with Neto Ship. Add Neto Ship to any Neto plan for just $49/ month.

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Ship Smarter: Neto Ship Features

It’ll be smooth sailing from here on in with Neto Ship. Here’s how Neto Ship will help you automate your fulfillment and dispatch:

  • Inbuilt Labelling & Manifesting

    Print and manifest your shipping labels directly from orders in Neto, with no need to export or use third-party applications. Print to laser or thermal printers.

  • Auto Packaging and Labelling Algorithm

    Set up Neto to automatically package your orders into predefined cartons and create the correct number of shipping labels on the fly.

  • Multi-Carrier Support

    Natively integrated with leading US shipping carriers.

  • Batch Labelling

    Print shipping consignments in bulk for multiple carriers. Print to thermal or laser printers.

  • Real-time Shipping Quotes

    Provide your customers and your staff with accurate, real-time shipping quotes at the click of a button.

  • Customizable Sockets

    Customise the design of your pick slips and dispatch dockets.

  • Mobile Label Printing

    Pick, pack, and print shipping consignments for orders using our Pick'n Pack™ app. Run a paperless warehouse with barcode picking supported.

  • Picker Performance Reports

    Run reports on the performance of your warehouse pickers and packers.

  • Custom Rate Zones

    Create your own charge zones by zip code, city, or country.

  • Low Cost Routing

    Set up Neto to automatically select the cheapest shipping option based on your available methods.