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Reduce costs and meet demand with in-built inventory

Inventory management for multi-channel retailers.

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Centralize and Streamline Your Inventory

Easily manage stock from the same platform you use to run your online, wholesale, Amazon and eBay stores with the best inventory software.

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  • In-Sync Inventory

    Maintain accurate inventory from purchase to sale with automatic syncing and updates across all sales channels.

  • Manage Stock Efficiently

    Know how much stock you have at any one time, set buffers so you don’t oversell, and get low stock alerts.

  • Visibility Across Locations

    Track inventory across multiple warehouses, easily add new locations and transfer stock between them.

  • Make Data-Driven Decisions

    Truly understand your products, stock and costs with advanced reports that help you make informed decisions.

  • Simplify Stocktaking

    Perform frequent cycle counts (or stocktakes), create stock adjustments and run multiple stocktake events at once.

  • Optimize Your Warehouse

    Know where to put stock when receiving orders, and get notified of any sales backorders to fulfill right away.

Did you know that improving your inventory management by just 15%, you could add as much as 30% to your bottom line?

Order Stock with Confidence

Neto inventory management makes ordering the right amount, at the right time, from your favorite suppliers easy.

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    Fast, Accurate Purchasing

    Quickly add multiple products to a purchase order from a product list, inventory report or outstanding sales orders, without over-ordering.

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    Buy Locally or Internationally

    Neto supports real-time currency conversion, so you can place purchase orders for your suppliers, no matter where in the world they are.

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    Flexible Stock Receipting

    Mark purchase orders as received in full, or split your orders to record stock as it arrives from your supplier.

Increase Margins with Unparalleled Stock Insights

Understand your costs and improve your margins with advanced reporting.

  • Perpetual inventory system that automatically tracks average cost
  • Anticipate purchasing with demand forecasting and low stock reports
  • Track the value of your stock on hand across all your sales channels in real time
Neto Inventory is synced across the retail and wholesale sides of the business, plus it means I can easily raise purchase orders, it automates stock adjustment, helps with stock take and anticipates stock level issues.
Photo of Amanda Beswick, Owner & Founder
Amanda Beswick, Owner & Founder Wholesale Wedding Superstore