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Neto offers user-friendly site navigation, better search rankings and increased conversions. Our extensive support network and straightforward interface will have you up and running in no time and easily updating your site whenever you are. Streamline your daily operations and focus on expanding your business with accounting, shipping, and warehousing integrations.

Bicycles Online

  • Screenshot of Bicycles Online
  • Screenshot of Bicycles Online
By moving over our platform to Neto we have been able to seamlessly manage our order fulfilment and inventory management across two warehouses. And by cutting out the “middleman”, we have been able to pass on the savings to our customers and offer some of the best value bicycles in the market.
Bicycles Online

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  • Simplify shipping

    Our integrated shipping add-on, Neto Ship™, keeps you and your customers in the loop with real-time shipping information. Scan, label, and send your items quickly and efficiently using our Mobile Pick'n Pack™ app. If you send direct from a manufacturer, our drop shipping function imports your supplier tracking data. Need a courier? We've got a host of trusted delivery services ready to go.

  • Increase exposure

    All our themes are search engine-optimised to drive traffic to your store. Our responsive themes adapt to different devices and ensure that your site always looks great. We also let you list products through other sales channels such as eBay, Facebook, and Google Shopping, to seize every sale opportunity.

  • Improve customer experience

    Help your customers easily navigate your store with search functions, product filters, and unlimited product categories. Analyse wishlists and order histories in the control panel, then set up automated advertising campaigns and sales. Increase conversions with detailed listings, blogs, and buying guides.