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Tried-and-tested recipes for food and alcohol ecommerce success

With taste, look, and feel being discerning factors for food and alcohol products, communicating quality online can be tricky. That’s why Neto provides extensive features that allow your customers to be enticed from the first click. With sophisticated, user-friendly themes designed to drive traffic and increase conversions, Neto can help you sweeten up your online store.

Everything you need for increased visibility and sales.

Sydney Salt Co.

  • Screenshot of Sydney Salt Co.
  • Screenshot of Sydney Salt Co.
We are still in the early stages of our online store. Nonetheless, the interest we have received has been astounding. We now have customers all across Australia buying from us. Another benefit is the ability of operating a more formal stock take saving us a great deal of time.
Sydney Salt Co.

From your kitchen to their table

  • Delivery made simple

    We know that when it comes to food and alcohol, speedy delivery is crucial to maintaining your product’s freshness, so we’ve streamlined the delivery process by incorporating a number of great features. We offer integrated shipping with our Neto Ship™ add-on, plus a warehousing function so you can keep an eye on your deliveries from the control panel. We even provide the option of Click & Collect for those living close by. Neto also has a function for predefined product packaging so at the point of dispatch you don’t need to manually enter your carton dimensions, allowing you to ship orders faster.

  • Comprehensive product listings

    Give your customers detailed product descriptions and specifications that tell them everything they need to know. Neto allows you cater to different needs by filtering products by specifications so customers can search for products by descriptors such as 'premium', 'gluten free', 'organic', and many others. We also give you flexibility with product types so that you can offer product packs or bundles, and even allow buyers to customise their order.

  • Spread the word

    Let your store speak for itself by displaying the brands you stock, and publish informative pieces like recipes, blogs, or seasonal guides. Give your customers the inside scoop with integrated features such as Neto [email protected], which lets you send newsletters or discount codes, and advertise sales and campaigns so your customers never miss out.