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Growing retailers and wholesalers use Neto to unify sales channel data, optimize inventory and ship faster.

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Thousands of Medium to Large Scale Retailers & Wholesalers Trust Neto for Their Retail Management

All Your Channels, in One Platform

Our cloud-based platform offers you a central point to unify all of your channels, that's all of your webstore, Amazon and eBay orders, customers and inventory in one platform. Streamline your workload, eliminate human error, sync inventory across all stores so that customers only buy what's in stock, and have one source of truth for customer and financial data.

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Uncomplicate Your Retail Management

Save precious time by optimizing your back office and managing, fulfilling and shipping your orders with Neto, the complete retail management platform.

  • Streamline your order management and fulfillment
  • Gain a single lifetime view of your customer
  • Ship faster with a seamless connection to shipping carriers
  • Consolidate expenses with plans starting at just $79/m
  • Use your existing website, saving you thousands on design
  • Phone and email support

Streamlined Retail Management

Neto is a powerful retail management platform. Our cloud-based system centralizes your online and offline sales channels to streamline and automate your back office not only saving you time, but reducing your expenses.

How Neto transforms your store:

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    Centralized Order Management

    Streamline order management with one platform to manage orders from your ecommerce, eBay and Amazon.

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    Streamlined Inventory Management

    Selling across multiple channels doesn’t have to be stressful. Neto inventory tracks your stock across channels, and warns you when stock is low.

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    Native Integrations with Leading Providers

    Neto integrates with leading shipping and accounting providers, reducing subscription costs and compatibility nightmares.

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    Designed for Retailers and Wholesalers

    Neto was built for Retailers and Wholesalers with in-built support for multiple warehouses.

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    Intuitive Ordering

    Anticipate purchasing with demand forecasting and low stock reports. Create purchase orders from product lists, inventory reports or outstanding sales orders.

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    Pick and Pack with Ease

    Speed up order picking with our mobile Pick'n Pack solution. Utilize barcode scanning or touch to pick, product kitting and integrate shipping labelling to get orders out the door faster.

Why Retailers Love Neto

Neto syncs our inventory across the retail and wholesale sides of the business. I can easily raise purchase orders, and automate stock adjustments, plus it helps with stocktake and anticipates stock issues
We punch out about 80,000 orders per year with a tiny team because Neto streamlines the way we work. There’s no way the business would have grown the way it has without Neto; we simply couldn’t manage the volume of sales without it.
Neto's Inventory Management System has been a huge time saver for us. We receive minimum quantity alerts and send purchase orders to suppliers with a simple tick of a box. The labelling, picking and packing process is so simple and saves our team a lot of time.

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