FREE GUIDE: The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing for Ecommerce

Go further with your email marketing

Go Further With Your Email Marketing

You've probably been sending emails for a while now, and likely mastered newsletters, segmentation and perhaps even nurture flows. So what next?

Well, just like any other area of your business, if you let your email marketing strategy stagnate, you won't grow. But let's face it, email marketing for retail and ecommerce isn't the same as email marketing for a service based business, or a Saas product, for example.

That's why we've teamed up with our friends over at SmartrMail (the experts in ecommerce email marketing) to bring you this juicy 27 page guide that will be your go-to for growing your business with email.

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What's Inside?

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    8 Steps to Develop a Successful Email Marketing Strategy

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    Understand the Impact of Email on Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)

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    Advanced Segmentation, Personalisation and Abandoned Carts

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    Email Design

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    A/B Testing, Reporting and Analytics

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    And More!

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Whether you want to introduce new email flows, ensure your design is on point, or better utilise ecommerce metrics to target and convert your customers, this guide will help.

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