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Introducing personalised email automation, built for online retailers

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Email Marketing That Works Harder

Using your Neto sales data, SmartrMail tailors your marketing to each individual client. Better conversations mean better conversions.

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    Sell More, Do Less

    Convert leads and encourage repeat purchases by setting up automations

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    Easy Set up

    Install SmartrMail on your store and start sending beautiful emails in minutes

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    Increase ROI

    Users see an average return of $45 for every $1 spent on the platform

How it works

SmartrMail combines your Neto purchase data with on-site tracking and email data to help you advertise products that your customers are most likely to buy.

  • Install
    Just run the install in your Neto cPanel to have your customer, purchase, and product data exported into Smartrmail
  • Design
    Once you set your email style, use the drag and drop editor to create beautiful emails with existing product data in minutes
  • Automate
    Easily setup automated emails based on specific purchases and actions your customers take on your site
  • Track
    Track the sales you generate with SmartrMail and see the exact results you get from each email

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Don't look at any other tool!

Smartrmail generated $2200 from the trial period, can't wait to see it in real life. Easy to use, quick and also has great automation that you set and forget! Don't look at any other tool!

Smart Abandoned Cart Emails

Automatically send your customers up to 3 follow up emails with cross-sell recommendations for products they’ve abandoned in their cart. A simple and powerful tool to get more sales.

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Automated Product Recommendation Emails

SmartrMail analyses your customers’ purchase history and browsing behaviour to deliver automated, personalised emails with products pulled from your Neto store.

SmartrMail sends your customers products they’ll like, at the right time.

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Beautiful Email Newsletters in Under 5 Minutes

SmartrMail is designed to let you work quickly. Use drag and drop segments, then populate your emails with product images, descriptions, prices and links directly from Neto.

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Smart Segmentation

Segment your list by conditions that matter to e-commerce stores. Segment by products or collections purchased, total spend, email engagement and more.

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Sales Reporting and Email Stats

Opens and clicks are great, but the most important metric for retailers is revenue. SmartrMail natively tracks revenue and orders that come from each email so you can see which piece of communication drove which sale.

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Fully Integrated

SmartrMail is fully integrated with the Neto platform. Start your free SmartrMail trial today.

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