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Neto is a complete multi-channel platform. Open your store to new channels like Amazon from the same platform you use to manage your eBay, webstore and point of sale.

Grow your business with Amazon minus the headaches that come with fragmented solutions.

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Thousands of successful retailers use Neto to power their eBay and Amazon, webstore and point of sale channels, and automate their inventory and fulfilment. Watch to learn more about Neto.


Here's how you can get started on Amazon Australia:

  • Apply for Amazon Seller approval
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  • If you're not on Neto, create and set up your Neto store today
  • Prepare products and stock levels to allocate to Amazon Australia
  • Centralise your existing online and offline sales channels in Neto
  • Double check your fulfilment strategy, ensure you can meet the demand
  • Learn more with our FAQs
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One platform, a world of integrations

We’re on a mission to open your store to your customers no matter where they are.
Integrating with Amazon Australia is just the tip of the iceberg, with more channel integrations to launch soon.

Here are some of the Marketplaces and Shopping Engines supported (and ones that are coming soon):

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Amazon FAQs

  • Can I sell on Amazon Australia?

    Selling on Amazon Australia requires Amazon approval, which means that you'll have to apply to be a seller.

  • Will I need a separate Neto platform for Amazon?

    No. Neto is an All-in-One platform, which means that you can connect Amazon to all of your existing channels. Sell on Amazon Australia with Neto for free until early 2018 and save $49/m (Amazon's fees still apply).

  • Will I be able to sell in the US through Amazon Australia?

    Unfortunately not. Amazon is launching a separate Marketplace in Australia which means that you will not be able to sell on Amazon.com. The good news is that Amazon has confirmed that Australian vendors will have access to international markets through Amazon Australia. Additionally, we will be launching an integration with Amazon US soon which will allow you to sell on Amazon.com.

  • Can I control what and how much I sell on Amazon from Neto?

    Yes. Our integration with Amazon allows close control over your inventory so that you can choose not only what products to sell on Amazon, but also establish buffers that save stock for other channels.

  • Amazon's still new here, what's the benefit of joining now?

    Like the US, Amazon Australia's marketplace utilise single listings to maximise customer experience. These single product level listings are generated from multiple seller's data. Joining early increases the chance that your data is used to help populate the listing, providing you with some control over how your products are displayed.

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