Multi-channel Order Management Solution for Growing Retailers

Whether you’re selling on one channel or many, Neto helps manage your order fulfillment process from the moment your customer clicks BUY, till the order reaches their door.

Take the Stress out of Managing Your Orders

You’ve got 243 orders to process. You need to log into 4 different platforms to do so (without counting your inventory and shipping tools), your computer’s running slower than a PC from 1999 and worst of all, your coffee’s gone cold...

...Because in between you’ve been trying to create labels for today’s orders before the courier arrives, but your shipping tool isn’t syncing properly. Again.

Sound familiar? Say goodbye to tedious manual tasks and clunky third-party add-ons, and get orders out the door faster with Neto.

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Adam Macdougall from The Man Shake
Thanks to Neto, we’ve been able to save ourselves time by streamlining our order processes, stock control and sales reporting.
Adam Macdougall - The Man Shake

How Neto Improves Your Order Management

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    Manage all your orders from one dashboard

    Orders from your online store, Amazon, eBay and retail stores can be managed in one simple interface and marked against a single customer record.

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    Fulfill faster with an integrated workflow

    Create pick slips, invoices, shipping labels, purchase orders, stock receipts, return authorisations and tracking updates from one platform, across multiple warehouses.

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    Speed up shipping with in-built tools

    Ship orders faster with batch processing and smart picking rules, barcode scanning pick and pack, and integrated shipping labelling and manifesting.

Why do retailers love Neto’s powerful Order Management System?

Neto is an all-in-one retail management platform for small to medium retailers and wholesalers. You get more out-of-the-box than other solutions, allowing you to sell everywhere and manage everything with one platform, one login, and one monthly bill. No clunky plugins or buggy add-ons.

Tim Kierath from Hoselink
Neto seamlessly ties together all aspects of our business, from initial customer contact, order placement, shipping carrier integration, stock management, to after-sales support.
Tim Kierath - Hoselink