Using spreadsheets to
manage your inventory? There's a smarter way

Our all-in-one system stays across your inventory, whilst managing your sales, so you'll always know what you've got on hand and what you need to order.

Say Goodbye to Spreadsheets

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Trying to manage your inventory in Excel is not only time-consuming but it also opens your business to the risk of human-error. Here's why you'll see a surge in efficiency with Neto.

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    In-Sync Inventory

    Neto inventory is integrated with our ecommerce, point-of-sale and marketplace solutions, so you'll keep inventory in-sync across all your sales channels.

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    Multiple Locations, One Account

    Add new warehouses or outlets at the click of a button while accounting for stock in each location individually.

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    Centralised Dashboard

    Keep track of your stock with real-time data across all of your locations.

Manage Your Purchase Orders in Your Dashboard

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    Create Purchase Orders With Ease

    Quickly generate and add products to a purchase order from a product list, inventory report or outstanding sales orders, all within Neto.

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    Order Local or Overseas

    With support for real-time currency conversion, Neto enables ordering from suppliers around the globe.

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    Flexible stock receipting

    Mark purchase orders as received in full, or split your orders to record stock as it arrives from your supplier.

Stock Management Done Right

Get real-time answers to your stock questions, so you'll always know what stock's on hand, the value of your products, what's running low and what to order ahead of your next surge.

  • Anticipate purchasing with demand forecasting and low stock reports.
  • Track the value of your stock on hand across all your sales channels in real time.
  • Understand your true margin with a perpetual inventory system that automatically tracks average cost.
  • Stocktake without having to close the doors to your business and run multiple stocktake events simultaneously.
  • Print stocktake sheets or use a tablet to mobilise your workforce and get the job done.
  • Inbuilt stock movement, stock valuation, cost of goods sold and sales reports.

The Only Platform You Need to Run Your Business

Neto is Australia's only complete solution for ecommerce, point of sale, order processing, shipping, and of course inventory management. See how we can help your business.