Neto Analytics Studio
Make Smarter Decisions

Centralise data from your store, website and advertising platforms to gain actionable insights that help you meet your business goals.

Only available on the Neto 360 plan.

Convert Higher With Smarter Marketing

Research shows that segmenting your campaigns can increase revenue by as much as 760%. With 25 preset customer segments, and the ability to build your own, you'll be able to personalize your selling strategy based on attributes unique to each customer such as VIP Customers, Value Shoppers, Most Active Customers and more.

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Cultivate Loyal Customers

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    Reward Your VIP Customers

    The top 10% of your customers likely generate a large portion of your total revenue. Convert these customers to brand advocates by requesting reviews, likes, referrals or survey submissions.

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    Target At-Risk Or Lost Customers

    Keeping a customer us cheaper than attracting a new one. Target individuals that have gone cold with a win-back campaign to keep them engaged.

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    Generate More Repeat Purchases

    Manage new customers with targeted campaigns to loyalty and return purchase.

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    Personalise Product Recommendations

    Grow conversion rates with outbound campaigns that show customers tailored product suggestions and targeted messaging.

Manage Products More Profitably

The Right Products in the Right Channels

Which products are good candidates for paid search? Which perform better in email campaigns? Gain insights into the costs associated with each channel conversion to create the perfect marketing strategy.

Segment Products to Uncover Product Type Effectiveness

Product categorisations provide you with an understanding of products that are cold, hot, or that are generating the most revenue for your business, helping you create accurate and reliable product strategies.

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