Get zipMoney & zipPay for your Neto store

Boost your sales and give your customers the power to buy now & pay later, interest free.

Why partner with Zip?

ZipMoney and ZipPay are reusable accounts that allow your customers to shop interest-free, offering them the simplest way to pay overtime for life’s larger purchases.

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    Sell more

    Convert store browsers into buyers with a simple interest free payment solution online

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    No risk

    zipMoney wears all the risk, both fraud & credit. Once transacted, you're guaranteed payment

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    Same day settlement

    zipMoney settle daily, direct to your bank account and collect from your customers over time.

What's the Difference Between zipPay and zipMoney?

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    • zipPay is used for smaller orders under $1000
    • A digital wallet with $1000 credit limit
    • Customer pays no interest, ever

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    • zipMoney is used for large purchases $1000+
    • Works like a line of credit
    • Interest free for anywhere between 3-36 months (determined by the merchant and Zip)

How it works

Simple Pricing. No setup or ongoing fees.

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    Checkout with zipMoney or zipPay

    Your customer checks out with zipMoney or zipPay on your checkout

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    Capture and process

    Neto's Managed Checkout captures and processes the purchase

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    Funds settled Same Day

    zipMoney settles the funds with you the same day that the order is marked as completed/sent

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    Customer pays zipMoney or zipPay

    Your customer then arranges a payment plan with zipMoney or zipPay to pay off their balance over time

Fully Integrated

zipMoney and zipPay are both fully integrated with Neto's Managed Checkout

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