Google Shopping Management Just Got Easier!

Sell your products on Google Shopping at the best possible Return on Ad Spend powered by our partners Dynamic Creative.

Selling on Google? Get better results!

Save hundreds of hours, and get better results with with Neto's integration with Google Shopping. Let the professionals, Dynamic Creative handle your Google Shopping campaigns so you can spend more time focusing on your customers.

Neto's Google Shopping Service, powered by our partners at Dynamic Creative can handle all of your Google Shopping advertising needs. Drive more relevant traffic, eliminate wasted ad spend, and get valuable time back in your day!

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For us, it’s all about results and with Dynamic Creative, the results have been so good that we’ve doubled our ad expenditures from what we were spending before. Every time we get an order we ask ‘How did you find us?’ to get a sense of where our business is coming from. And where it’s coming from most of all is our work with Dynamic Creative and AdWords.
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Complete end-to-end management

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    Increased ROI

    Our delivery partner, Creative Dynamic, will work closely with you to achieve your goals

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    Efficient Ad Creation

    Automatic creation of a well-structured campaign to ensure your advertising is not wasted

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    Complete Transparency

    We'll provide a Data Studio dashboard for you to keep a finger on the pulse of the results

Increase your Return on Ad Spend with Predictive Optimizations

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The optimiser suite runs periodically until it collects enough data to predict the ROAS outcome of future clicks. It then automatically adjusts the campaigns eliminating hundreds of hours of manual checks and wasted ad spend.

Automated Negative Keywords

The optimiser automatically analyses every search query in every Ad Group and sets negative keywords against those that are unlikely to result in a sale.

Automated Insight Optimisation

The optimiser analyses the past behaviour of the aggregate users of your website, and makes automatic bid adjustments to devices, geographies and re-marketing lists to drive increased ROAS.

Spend your money targeting the highest spending users, on the right device, in the right location, at the time and day they are most likely to purchase.

And get a free eCommerce Dashboard to track best selling products and ROAS.

Whatever your budget, we've got you covered


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was $750 monthly

(GST excl)


was $1250 monthly

(GST excl)


was $1750 monthly

(GST excl)
Monthly Ad Spend Limit Help The maximum amount of monthly Google Shopping spend that we will manage for the given tier. $5,000 $25,000 $50,000
Included SKUs Help Dynamic Creative will manage your account with the included number of SKUs from your Neto store. 5,000 25,000 50,000
Creation of Adwords account Help Dynamic Creative will create your AdWords account for you.
Category-Level Ad Groups Help The Ad Champion software will create and update Shopping Ad Groups in AdWords that match the categories on your website
Automated Negative Keyword Management Help Dynamic Creative's software will also automatically set as negatives keywords from your Shopping campaigns that are unlikely to ever turn into a sale.
Configuration of Merchant Centre feed & account Help Dynamic Creative will create a Google Merchant Centre feed and configure it in a new account.
Ensure correct linking to Adwords account Help Dynamic Creative will ensure that Merchant Centre and AdWords are linked.
Setup of conversion tracking codes & testing Help Dynamic Creative will set the necessary tracking codes and test them to ensure that the campaigns can be optimised to sales.
Daily synchronisation of your store with the Google Shopping Campaigns Help Dynamic Creative will use Ad Champion to create a highly-granular Google Shopping campaign that stays in sync with their website inventory and updates campaigns daily.
Daily Campaign Optimisation Help Dynamic Creative will perform both manual optimisations and set up automated daily optimisations of your campaigns
Provide a personalised Google Data Studio dashboard Help This will allow you to have a bird's-eye view of the campaign performance.
Monthly phone-calls to review performance with team Help Dynamic Creative will co-ordinate a time and run you though what's happening in your account.
Email Support Help Email Dynamic Creative at anytime with your questions or concerns

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