eBay Active Content Changes

Are you prepared for the upcoming changes?

From June 2017, eBay merchants will no longer be able to use active content when creating their listings. This is to help make sure merchants listings perform optimally on mobile devices, improving the shopping experience and helping them sell more.

Migrate your existing design

We will re-code your existing listing design templates to be fully compliant with eBay's non-active coding requirements.

Design Migration Package
Up front payment Pricing billed in AUD exclusive of GST $1,200.00
Non-Active Coding Compliant Your eBay listing template designs will be fully compliant with eBay's non-active content requirements
Mobile responsive We will ensure your eBay listing templates are fully mobile responsive. We will also add the mobile view meta-tag to all listings
Re-cod eBay listing templates We will re-code your existing custom eBay listing template
Optimise Javascript & CSS We will remove all Javascript Libraries and load CSS independently of Javascript
Remove Javascript image galleries We will remove Javascript image gallery, replace with simply listing images out.
Remove elements that are against eBay policy We will remove all elements that do not adhere to eBay policies, such as: phone numbers, "tell a friend" links, "E-commerce Software By Neto" & "Add to Watch List" link.
Add a self-hosted eBay shipping calculator We will add a self-hosted eBay shipping calculator that will allow your customers to calculate freight based on your existing rates tables in Neto

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When do the changes take effect?

    eBay's non-active coding requirements will come into effect from June 2017.

  • What are eBay changing?

    Active Content includes a wide range of functionality from image galleries, through to embedded videos, shipping calculators, search fields, and more. You can find the full list of exclusions here.

  • Are there any benefits?

    By removing active content from your item descriptions, your buyers will benefit from faster load times, listings that are easy to navigate from mobile devices and a more secure marketplace.

  • Will my templates look and feel the same?

    It's important to note that your existing design may not end up looking exactly how it did initially. This is because we may need to remove elements (like search bars and shipping calculators) as well as re-code how some sections work.

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