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Seamlessly manage listings, order fulfilment, and sales on one platform.

Take the headache out of managing your business. Start your Amazon Australia journey with Neto.


Neto places the power of One-Touch Retail in your hands. Manage your products and orders from the same dashboard you use for your ecommerce and point-of-sale channels, giving you one complete view of your retail empire.

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    Manage product listings

    Set rules for pricing, stock and shipping, ensuring your products appear where and how you want them to.

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    Fulfil Amazon orders

    Use the same powerful order processing functionality you currently use to process your Amazon orders.

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    Control your inventory

    Choose what’s sold in your store and how many are sold. Create buffers so to avoid fulfilment headaches.



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Before you can link your Amazon Australia Seller Central account to Neto, you'll first need to ensure:


Configure Amazon Australia Now


Here's how you can get started on Amazon Australia:

  • Apply for Amazon Seller Central
    See how the process works
  • Prepare products and stock levels to allocate to Amazon Australia
  • If you're not on Neto, create and set up your store today
  • Centralise your existing online and offline sales channels in Neto
  • Double check your fulfilment strategy, ensure you can meet the demand
  • Take a look at our FAQ's for more information

Start Your Store Today


Amazon Australia has opened over 20 categories for any vendor to sell in. To get started simply click register below and sign up to Amazon's seller program. Please note that Amazon charges vendors $49.95 (excl. GST) per month to sell on their marketplace


Amazon FAQs

  • Will I be able to sell in the US through Amazon Australia?

    Unfortunately not. Amazon Australia is a separate Marketplace in Australia which means that you will not be able to sell on Amazon.com. The good news is that Australian vendors have access to international markets through Amazon Australia. Additionally, we will be launching an integration with Amazon US soon which will allow you to sell on Amazon.com.

  • Can I sell on Amazon Australia ?

    Yes, but you will need to register.Please note that Amazon charges vendors $49.95 (excl. GST) per month to sell on their marketplace.

  • I'm not sure about Amazon, what's the benefit of joining early?

    Like the US, Amazon Australia uses a single listing for each product SKU to provide a simple purchase experience for the customer. These single product level listings are generated from multiple seller's data. Joining early increases the chance of your data being used to populate the listing, giving you with more control over how your products are displayed.

  • Can I control the products and quantities that I sell on Amazon with Neto?

    Yes. Our integration with Amazon allows close control over your inventory so that you can select which products you'd like to list on Amazon, and also establish buffers to reserve stock for other channels.

  • Will I need a separate Neto platform for Amazon?

    No. Neto is an All-in-One platform, which means that you can connect Amazon to all of your existing channels.