4.6m Shoppers
Hit Amazon Every month.

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Take Advantage of This Amazing Opportunity

Marketplaces are exploding in Australia. Here's just a few reasons as to why you will want to consider platforms like Amazon Australia for your business:

  • 4.6

    shoppers every month

  • 75%

    in 2017 alone

  • 52%

    Online Sales

    come from marketplaces

Protect Your Seller Rating

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Don't let your new sales channel overwhelm your business and hurt your seller ratings. Neto centralizes Amazon Australia into your business taking the headache out of managing listings and fulfilling orders, ensuring that you're delivering the best experience for your customers.

All-in-One Retail Management

Neto is Australia's only complete solution that lets you sell in any channel and improves your back office efficiency.

With Neto you will: 

  • Manage multiple sales channels with a centralized dashboard. Access customer, sale and order information all from the one platform
  • Get one clear view of your eBay, Amazon Australia, webstore and offline channel customers
  • Measure and report on Amazon Australia and your other your sales channels to optimize your seller performance
  • Ship your Amazon orders with a system that is designed to be scalable to meet the needs of small to high volume sellers