Introducing Neto 6.11

Explore some of our favourite features and enhancements from the latest release.

What's new in 6.11

Neto 6.11 introduces hundreds of improvements as part of this release. We understand from the results of our customer prioritisation survey that platform reliability and speed are number one, and that’s why we’re focussing much of our energy and attention on these areas of our platform.

We’ve also made a number of control panel user interface changes. We’ve redesigned the left hand sidebar navigation to better meet your needs moving forward and we’ll be adding a number of sales channels in the coming months, so these changes take that into account.

There’s also been some enhancements to Managed Checkout as well as a redesign of our shipping setup wizard and the addition of new shipping carriers.

We’ve added new features to Neto Inventory and enhanced some of the existing features. We’ve also redesigned the Discounts and Coupons engine, making it much easier for you to add and manage discount and coupons.

If you’re a developer looking to integrate a third party platform with Neto, it will now be much easier with the addition of a number of new API End-points.

Finally, we’ve partnered with a number of new add-ons, including SmartrMail, an automated email marketing solution designed specifically for retailers and wholesalers in the ecommerce space.

Checkout Faster With Managed Checkout And Stored Cards

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    Save At Checkout

    Customers can now save their card details at the checkout to use in the future

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    Streamlined Checkout

    Give customers the ability to checkout in seconds with saved card details

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    Secure Data

    We've partnered with payment gateways who offer world-class card security

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    More Customer Control

    Your customers can now save, add, and remove cards in their account on your site

Boost your conversion rate by removing friction at the checkout with Neto’s Managed Checkout and Stored Cards.

With Stored Cards installed, your customers are given the option to save their card details at checkout, allowing them to checkout faster the next time they shop.

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Shipping Enhancements and New Carriers

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    New Shipping Wizard

    A new and beautifully simple setup interface

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    Quick Options

    Create common shipping options in just a few clicks

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    Advanced Options

    Create advanced shipping options that meet your needs

Shipping Re-Design

We’ve redesigned the "Shipping Option Setup" area of your control panel. You can now create quick Shipping Options with a few clicks.

Creating a more complex shipping matrix is now easier too, with our new step-by-step setup wizard.

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Inventory Updates And Enhancements

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    Cross Docking

    Undertake just in time fulfilment with Neto Inventory

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    Quick Supplier Creation

    Easily add new suppliers from the Purchase Order screen

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    Stock Adjustment Enhancements

    Quickly create stock adjustments from product card pages

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    Export More Reports

    Export Neto Inventory reports to CSV with the click of a button

Based on your feedback we've added new features to Neto Inventory and we've enhanced some of the existing features.

Neto Inventory now supports Cross Docking, the ability to add suppliers directly from the Purchase Order screen, the ability to quickly create stock adjustment from a product card and more.

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Discount and Coupon Redesign

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    Discounts at a glance

    Manage all your discounts via the newly designed overview screen

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    Simple Discounts

    Setup new offers from pre-configured, popular discount codes in just a few clicks

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    Advanced Discounts

    A beautifully simple wizard that lets you take full advantage of Neto's robust discounts engine.

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    Multi-conditional Discounts

    An advanced discount engine for discounts based on single or multiple conditions

The discounts system has been redesigned, streamlining the creation and management of discounts within Neto.

You can now create quick discounts with a few clicks as well as create fully customisable discounts using the re-designed Discounts wizard.

This new wizard uses natural language to simplify discount rules.

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SmartrMail, Email Marketing that Works Harder

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    Sell More, Do Less

    Convert leads and encourage repeat purchases by setting up automations

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    Easy Set Up

    Install SmartrMail on your store and start sending beautiful emails in minutes

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    Increase ROI

    Users see an average return of $45 for every $1 spent on the platform

SmartrMail combines your Neto purchase data with on-site tracking and email data to help you send and automate personalised emails that get more sales.

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Sidebar Navigation Changes

The sidebar navigation has been updated to better distinguish between everyday tasks like managing sales orders, customers and products from the Sales Channels and Settings and Tools section.

Fonts and icons have been compacted to allow more screen space and the addition of the Amazon sales channel.

Refresh Cache and Minimise Menu have been given their own dedicated buttons as well.

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User Permission Label and Description Updates

The Neto permissions system offers you a powerful tool to ensure the correct members of your staff have access to relevant functionality. We acknowledge that due to the amount of functionality Neto offers, permission management can be complex.

We have started the process of improving this by removing obsolete permissions as well as updating labels and descriptions to correctly reflect what the permission setting does.

This is the first step in redesigning a permission system that is comprehensive and easy to use.

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International Settings Update

Neto's roots are in the Australian Market, and as such, a lot of the currency and tax settings were built with Australia in mind. Because we want to take both Neto and your business international, we've made some changes to the way we handle currency and tax that will allow you to open a business with Neto in another country.

We’ve removed hardcoded Currency Symbols and Codes, Tax Descriptors and Tax rates, and we’ve added support for International Post Codes.

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API Endpoints

We've added three new Endpoints to the Neto API, designed to make integrating third-party platforms easier for developers.

  • Image Endpoint
  • Voucher Endpoint
  • Abandoned Cart Endpoint

Developer Documentation

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