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Ozzie Web Co

Albury, Australia

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About Ozzie Web Co.

Ozzie Web Co specialises in creating long-term relationships with retailers and wholesalers, helping small to medium businesses expand their eCommerce presence and reach across multiple channels and marketplaces.

We have experience in integrating Neto with a wide range of native platforms and have assisted customers to develop custom workflows and building out of the box implementations. Our supplier synchronisation setups are especially popular with the ability to automate product entry.

Ozzie Web Co can also provide access to a range of cloud business suites including mail, collaboration, backup, communications and internet access through our major partner suppliers such as Microsoft, Acronis, LightningIP and more.

We have experience with eCommerce sizes ranging from hundreds of products to hundreds of thousands of products and have had the pleasure of working with clients that have seen exponential sales growth from making the switch from other multi-platform sales environments to a single Neto environment.


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    Engine Master

    Gavin has done a fantastic job of both designing and monitoring our website and carefully consider our needs when choosing a provider to go with the partnership between Neto and Gavin is flawless and has been a positive and smart decision.

    We have significantly increased sales and efficiency.

    I would highly recommended.

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