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Online Retail Guy

South Launceston, Tas, Australia

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Peter Harback, the founder of Online Retail Guy works with B2C and B2B businesses across all retail categories and has over 14 years of first-hand experience in online retail. 

He’s a fun guy to work with, a sci-fi nut, a theme park junkie who plays electric guitar and loves talking and working with upbeat, happy & passionate business owners who know that to grow and succeed you need to put the work in.

A message from Peter

Wanted to let you know that before Online Retail Guy accept new clients we want to be sure we’re a good fit and that we can actually help you in your current situation. If you’d like to apply for a 15 minute discovery session please send an email to our discovery email address with the subject line ‘Discovery’ and include a message about what you need and if we think a call would be good for both of us then someone will be in touch to set that up.

Looking forward to hearing from you, 



4 Reviews

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    JJ Stranan

    I was referred to Peter around 6 months ago and engaged his services for a quick Neto / Facebook integration. Peter did it in such an efficient and professional way while also kindly making other suggestions that would give me immediate benefit that I hadn't thought about prior that I banked his name in my "Must engage this guys services again" mental note file. So after the crazy Christmas period I did just that, 3 months on and I have found Peter to be an amazing sounding board, mentor, coach, and strategist for Recycled Mats. He has helped me with integrations, platform set up, advertising, adwords, google shopping, website tweaks, shipping and coding issues, he constantly not only helps me work through to solve the issues in a clear and non-complicated way but is always suggesting other and better options along the way to make my business run more streamlined and profitable. Peter has a soft demeanor and is clearly incredibly knowledgeable about both, running a business and running it through NETO making NETO specific recommendations. I consider Peter to be a real asset to my extended business team and am so pleased that I was introduced to him late in 2017.

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    Peter Saward

    Peter's work with us has been very comprehensive - from website re-building & optimization and platform migration to Neto, to everyday coaching and advice.
    Our business has grown at an extreme rate, all thanks to Pete's guidance and help. Easy to talk to and understand, Pete's knowledge has been and will be an invaluable asset to our business.

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    Julie Mathers

    Peter is a pleasure to work with and is not just knowledgeable but proactive so gives us ideas which is exactly what you need when you run a busy store; that comes because Peter is a retailer himself so understands both sides of the equation. We trust Peter completely and his work is of very high quality. If you want to know if something can be done on Neto Peter will know or he'll try to find a way. Couldn't recommend Peter more.

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    Pete is such a great guy to work with and knows so much about everything in the online retail space, and also know lots of tips and tricks to do with Neto. If you are thinking of starting an online retail store, or need assistance with an existing one, we highly recommend getting in contact with Pete. His knowledge, skills and experience are invaluable, and he will be a proven asset to your online retail business.

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