Shirts by YP Threads, Retail Management by Neto

When retail runs itself, the party doesn’t have to stop.


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After running their first ecommerce store on a Wordpress site, YP Threads co-founder, Jake Kelder and his team were fed up. They were sick of shelling out hundreds upon hundreds of dollars at a time for development work that would take weeks to complete.

Then, a friend mentioned Neto and they’ve never looked back.


“We love that the Neto customer service team is like having a personal IT department. They’ve been invaluable, and we’ve saved so much time, particularly when rolling out complicated work on the site.” says Jake.

With a thriving community, plenty of user generated content, and a healthy level of brand engagement, YP Threads are well on their way to achieving their goal of becoming Australia’s biggest direct-to-consumer online retailer.

Their secret weapon? “We wouldn’t have had the time to focus so heavily on engagement were we still managing a Wordpress site.”


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