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The leading Australian online retailer in the specialist RAM and storage upgrades market.

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What challenges were you facing before Neto?

As we grew we were spending a lot of unproductive time processing customer orders using a number of disparate applications that had been hand-built over time. Processing each order involved as many as 8 different steps took up to 10 minutes per order. This meant we needed 3 people to process orders and do little else. We also wanted a way to automatically upload customer orders and payments (and any subsequent order adjustments) to our accounting system (Saasu) without having to do manual exports and imports.

As PayPal became more popular we needed a way to automatically take PayPal payments from customers and also utilise 'PayPal express' so that new customers didn't have to re-enter their name and address details when placing an order with us.

We wanted to utilise shopping comparison engines to increase our leads but had no means of automatically exporting our product data and keeping it up to date.

Ram City Rob

We wanted to introduce more 'user content' to our website, such as product reviews, but our hand-built system did not allow for this.

We needed a modern development framework (such as Twitter Bootstrap) so that we could rapidly deploy new features and updates to our website.

Above all, we needed to work with a development team that could create a system which could handle importing over 70,000 categories and 3000 different products, and update the entire catalogue in just a couple of hours.

We had already spent 2 years with two other well regarded development companies trying to get an alternative solution to work, and still didn't have a good result. We needed a developer who could deliver a solution in under 8 weeks without it costing a fortune.

How did the Neto solution help solve your challenges?

Ryan and the Neto team took the time to understand our requirements and demonstrated how Neto already had all the built-in features that we needed in a system that was mature and easy to use.

Within a few days of our initial consultation they were able to provide a working prototype demonstrating how they could import our very complex and large dataset in just a few hours. At that point we knew we had found a company with real expertise and had no hesitation in committing to a project to deliver all of our requirements in around 6 weeks.

7 weeks after the contract was signed our new website was live with a considerable number of additional enhancements.

What were the results?

We launched our new site with Neto in September 2012, and from day one we maintained our order volume and our very high search engine rankings.

Within 6 weeks we had slashed our website hosting and server management costs by 50%, and were able to reduce the number of full time staff working on order and payment processing from three down to just one. We dramatically increased the staff time devoted to creating useful end-user content, creating product installation tutorials, broadening our marketing reach, and expanding our product catalogue.

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Ramcity Staff

Thanks to the large amount of business automation features in Neto, 10 months later I'm still amazed at how little staff input is needed to maintain day-to-day business operations. It has allowed us to be very proactive with improving our business without the need to be constantly fixing the problems that we had with our old business systems.

Neto really came along at the right time for us. They have a great system with a team of talented designers and programmers who have been able to solve some really difficult technical and operational problems for us here at RamCity. I highly recommend them.

Make the switch and watch your business soar.

Neto is Australia’s solution for all your ecommerce, point of sale, inventory and fulfillment needs. Now you can easily and seamlessly deliver exceptional customer experiences across all channels, while increasing year on year growth by 40% and improving operational efficiency by 70%. It’s time to realise your retail dreams.

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Within 6 weeks we had slashed our website management costs by 50%, and were able to reduce the number of full time staff working on order and payment processing from three down to just one.
Rod Bland, Business owner