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Port Mac Guitars: From small town store to ecomm superstars

After running Port Mac Guitars in their local area for 12 years, Rob Mestric and Mark Wilson wanted to provide their award-winning service to guitar enthusiasts everywhere.

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Port Mac Guitars began as a brick and mortar store in the small town of Port Macquarie 12 years ago. As a guitar enthusiast and musician, CEO Rob Mestric was dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service and wanted to replicate the store’s specialist shopping experience online.

But great service was not what he and sales coordinator Mark Wilson received from their eCommerce provider. Instead, they battled with an online store that crashed during promotions and an increasing number of unresolved technical issues. It was time to find a provider that would deliver on their promises.

Out with the old, in with the new

Rob and Mark were on the hunt for an ecommerce platform that offered the functionality to provide a high level of customer service and a back-end they could rely on to ‘just work’. Neto offered the opportunity for a bespoke build so the guys could get their site precisely the way they wanted. “They worked with us to provide that solution and because they are locally based, it was easy to get in touch and nothing got lost in translation.”

Port Mac Guitars takes a very different approach to doing business online. They pride themselves on customer satisfaction along with the very best advice.

“Price is probably the least important factor for the business; we’re not just a ‘click and ship’,” explains Rob. “So we needed a website that would bridge distances for those that didn’t live near a guitar store and help us to offer a personal experience – not a faceless transaction. Neto’s platform has enabled us to deliver exceptional customer service. In fact, our website has become an industry leader.”

Port Mac Guitars

Committed to the best customer service

Delivering exceptional service also means engaging with customers in numerous ways – online chat, Facebook Messenger, text messages and of course the good old fashioned phone call. That means Rob and his team need to be ready to take sales from anywhere and with Neto POS they can.

“With centralised inventory we can keep track of stock with real time sales updates whether we are selling online, in the store or over the phone.”

But there is more that sets their service apart. They also wanted to offer a unique lay-by programme that would be better than anything their competitors offered. “We pioneered online lay-by four years ago, but it was a huge amount of manual work, entering payments and reconciling them in Xero. Neto POS means customers can make payments in store or by logging into their account on the Port Mac website. Because each payment is recorded against their account in the Neto control panel there are no reconciliation hassles for us.”

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Port Mac Guitars also take the headache out of buying fragile items online. They offer free insured shipping and a 14 day free return freight policy, along with online trade-ins, so it’s easy for customers to get rid of any unwanted gear.

Prior to using the integrated Neto Ship solution, getting orders on the road was a laborious task, but it’s now as simple as ‘click and print’ customer labels. That’s an important time saver when your shipping process involves a thorough inspection of all products.

PortMac Guitars Customer Service

Neto gives the business a tune-up

Neto is designed to create efficiencies so their users can focus on growing the business, not running it. One of the biggest time savers for Port Mac Guitars is thanks to Neto's Xero integration, which has eliminated the need for duplicate data entry. These days their products, invoices, payments and customers all sync with Xero for seamless accounts management, which is music to their ears.

“My wife handles the bookkeeping and now that the transactions are automated she saves 20 hours per week on tedious manual entry,” explains Rob. “Plus with Neto POS, all the in store transactions also reconcile with Xero, so we no longer have to waste time figuring out which customer purchased what item and we can easily keep track of our inventory.”

It’s been two years since the guys at Port Mac Guitars made the shift to Neto and they are still singing their praises for the ecommerce platform. “Neto helped make our vision a reality. Without them we wouldn’t have had the privilege of being awarded ‘best online engagement’ from the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM),” enthuses Rob.

Port Mac Guitars Neto Orders

Make the switch and watch your business soar.

Neto is Australia’s solution for all your eCommerce, point of sale, inventory and fulfillment needs. Now you can easily and seamlessly deliver exceptional customer experiences across all channels, while increasing year on year growth by 40% and improving operational efficiency by 70%. It’s time to realise your retail dreams.

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Neto helped make our vision a reality. Without them we wouldn’t have had the privilege of being awarded ‘best online engagement’ from the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM).
Rob Mestric, CEO