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National Products Fulfilment

About this add-on

The fastest & most accurate order fulfilment to entrepreneurs, online retailers, and companies of all size.

Using this integration, you can:

  • Import stock levels from NPL to Neto
  • Export orders from Neto to NPL
  • Import tracking details from NPL to Neto
This add-on was built by OneSaas.

Setup instructions

The integration with National Products Fulfilment uses the service called OneSaas to connect your Neto website and National Products Fulfilment.

  1. You will first need to create an account with National Products Fulfilment
  2. From the Neto cPanel, click Add-ons in the navigation menu
  3. On the Add-ons page, scroll down to Fulfilment & 3PL > National Products Fulfilment, and click Install
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