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Microsoft Dynamics CRM


About this add-on

Dynamics CRM solutions and the Neto integration solution has been built to ensure a comprehensive real time integration from Neto's E-commerce application to Dynamics CRM. The integration provides a single environment to manage customers and their online purchases ensuring enhanced sales, marketing, reporting & analysis management.

Neto customers, orders, products, invoices and payments flow through to your Dynamics CRM environment in real time providing:

  • An extended single view of customer data (checks are carried out for duplicates during the sales process).
  • Real time visibility of online sales from Dynamics CRM.
  • Enhanced reporting options including the ability to leverage Microsoft's Power BI for the most comprehensive analysis of data.
  • Enhanced marketing from Dynamics CRM.
This add-on was built by JayThom.

Setup instructions

The integration uses the service called JayThom to connect your Neto website with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Learn more.

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