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About this add-on

Cin7 is an integrated, fully capable Inventory & POS. It gives businesses Enterprise Level capability to fulfill multiple channels, without the traditional costs associated with an ERP. Cin7 eliminates the need for costly in-house support and instead gives a solid platform to help manage your business, harnessing the power of Neto eCommerce combined with one the most powerful Cloud Inventory & POS systems available.

Now you can manage your Inventory, Point-of-Sale, B2B ordering and much more – all in one central location. Even better, because it works across your entire business, from point of sale to stock tracking and distribution, Cin7 helps support your growth now and in the future.

Neto customers benefit with up-to-date stock levels for all their inventory requirements. Cin7 seamlessly synchronizes with Neto eCommerce and updates products and orders between both systems.

This add-on was built by Cin7.

Setup instructions

  1. You will first need to sign up for a Cin7 account
  2. From the Neto cPanel, click Add-ons in the navigation menu
  3. On the Add-ons page, scroll down to Inventory Management > Cin7, and click Get App

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