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Apptizer Mobile Store App

About this add-on

The Apptizer Mobile Store add-on lets you to quickly and easily create a mobile application based on your Neto website. Style and customise it to suit your needs with a simple step-by-step process, and publish an attractive app to the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Important Information: The following limitations exist with the Apptizer mobile store app:

  • Your Apptizer Mobile App will only have Paypal as the available payment method.
  • Apptizer is not available to customers on trial accounts.
  • Taxable zones in Apptizer are not customisable, and may not reflect your taxable zones in Neto. Apptizer will simply use your own country as the default taxable zone, and not charge tax to other zones.
  • Orders which are placed through the mobile store will not receive a tax invoice until dispatched.
  • Apptizer may not work if you have had Neto customise your available shipping suburbs.
  • Discounts are not supported.
  • Apptizer will only sync the default customer price group.