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About this add-on

MYOB, Mind Your Own Business, is an Australian multinational corporation that provides tax, accounting and other services to small and medium businesses.

Neto integrates with the following MYOB accounting products:

  • MYOB Premier Enterprise v17, V18 and V19
  • MYOB Premier v17, V18 and V19
  • MYOB Accounting
  • MYOB Accounting Plus
  • MYOB Account Right Premier v19
  • MYOB Account Right Premier Enterprise v19
  • MYOB Account Right Standard v19
  • MYOB Account Right Standrad + v19
  • MYOB AccountRight Standard – Cloud
  • MYOB AccountRight Plus – Cloud
  • MYOB AccountRight Premier – Cloud

If your version of MYOB is not mentioned above please contact us to check compatibility prior to installation.

Setup instructions

  1. From the Neto cPanel, click Add-ons in the navigation menu
  2. If you have not enabled the Neto Connect module yet, scroll down to Neto Modules > Neto Connect, and click Install
  3. On the Add-ons page, scroll down to Accounting > MYOB, and click Install

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